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The PROBO blockchain for scientific reproducibility

In a joint work with Manlio de Domenico @manlius84 from Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Cesare Furlanello @furlanello, Giuseppe Jurman @Giuseppe_Jurman and Nicole Bussola @nicole_bussola from MPBA @mpbalab has posted on the arXiv @arxiv a preprint on Probo, a novel blockchain solution for reproducibility in data science.


Double participation of MPBA @mpbalab at CAMBDA 2017 @CAMDA_conf in Prague!

WebValley 2017!

The edition 2017 of the WebValley International School has taken place in Casez, Val di Non, from 18 June to 8 July: three great weeks with a smart group of brilliant students working on new tools and solutions for digital agriculture, from drones to deep learning!

Ph-CNN talk @ BMTL 2017

Giuseppe Jurman, on behalf of the other coauthors Ylenia Giarratano, Claudio Agostinelli, Valerio Maggio, Diego Fioravanti, Calogero Zarbo e Cesare Furlanello, has presented the talk "Phylogenetic Convolutional Neural Networks for Metagenomics" at the conference Bringing Math to Life 2017, in the astounding venue of Capitolo Hall of the S. Domenico Maggiore Convent in Naples!

Ph.D. in Biomolecular Sciences awarded to Alessandro Zandonà

Alessandro Zandonà has successfully completed his graduate program and he has been awarded today the Ph.D. "cum laude" in Biomolecular Sciences at the CIBIO UniTN, defending his thesis on "Predictive networks for multi meta-omics data integration" ! Congratulations Ale!