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MPBA wins Microsoft Azure Research Award

MPBA's application for a Microsoft Azure Research Award has been approved! 

Ph-CNN @ BMTL 2017

"Ph-CNN: Phylogenetic Convolutional Neural Networks in Metagenomics" accepted as oral presentation at BMTL 2017 - Bringing Maths to Life @bmtl2017 , in Naples, 7-9 June!

Information and Communication Technology Ph.D. awarded to Andrea Bizzego

MPBA's member Andrea Bizzego @andreabizzego was awarded today the Ph.D. degree in Information and Communication Technology by DISI UniTN, discussing the thesis "A data analytics framework for physiological signals from wearable devices", w/ Cesare Furlanello.

New paper accepted in Journal of Cleaner Production!

Real pleasure to receive the news that Azra Alikadic's paper "The impact of greenhouse gas emissions in the EU food chain:  a quantitative and economic assessment using an environmentally extended input-output approach"  has been accepted for publication in Journal of Cleaner Production (IF 4.959)

Deep Learning with Keras and Tensorflow Tutorial

This tutorial by Valerio Maggio (Researcher at MPBA) wanna be a start point to learn the basic principles of Deep Learning with Python. It is composed in several moduels who include notebooks with code snippets and real examples. Here the repo