New paper accepted in Journal of Cleaner Production!

Real pleasure to receive the news that Azra Alikadic's paper "The impact of greenhouse gas emissions in the EU food chain:  a quantitative and economic assessment using an environmentally extended input-output approach"  has been accepted for publication in Journal of Cleaner Production (IF 4.959)

The study aims at providing an integrated and detailed assessment of GHG emissions in the whole EU-25 food supply chain with the highest available level of product disaggregation, so as to provide a useful information base for future mitigation strategies and sectorial policy implementation.

Specifically, the study provides:
a quantification of the magnitude of GHG emissions induced by each product category
the identification of the production activities that are responsible for the release of the largest share of GHG emission for each product category;
an assessment of the economic impact of GHG emissions on the whole food supply chain and on each product category, considering both the related environmental pressure intensity and the cost of the environmental damage (social cost).