Data Visualization Lab

Data Visualization Lab Course

University of Trento - M.Sc. Data Science a.y. 2018/19

Giuseppe Jurman

E-mail: jurman _at_

Ph: +39 0461 314 523

Lecture Notes

  • Introduction [PDF]

Cash, D. and Clark, W.C. and Alcock, F. and Dickson, N.M. and Eckley, N. and Jaeger, J.  Salience, Credibility, Legitimacy and Boundaries: Linking Research, Assessment and Decision Making. KSG Working Papers Series, 2003 [pdf]

Maciejewski, R. and Montgomery, D.C. Visualization for Data Science: Adding Credibility, Legitimacy, and Saliency, Big Data, 4(2):73-74, 2016 [pdf]

Anscombe, F. J. Graphs in Statistical Analysis, The American Statistician,  27 (1): 17–21, 1973 [pdf]

Matejka, J. and Fitzmaurice, G. Same Stats, Different Graphs: Generating Datasets with Varied Appearance and Identical Statistics through Simulated Annealing, Proc. ACM SIGCHI, 2017 [pdf]

Data Visualization

Friendly, M.  A Brief History of Data Visualization. In Handbook of Computational Statistics, Springer Verlag, 2006 [pdf]

Dimensionality Reduction

  • t-SNE & UMAP [PDF]

S. Carbonelle Visualizing Data using t-SNE

L. van den Maaten Visualizing Data using t-SNE

L. van den Maaten Visualizing Data using t-SNE

A. Violante An Introduction to t-SNE with Python Example

How to use t-SNE effectively

How UMAP works

L. McInnes PCA, t-SNE, and UMAP: Modern Approaches to Dimension Reduction

L. McInnes, J. Healy, J. Melville UMAP

Lab Files

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