EIT SmartRetail - Point of Sales Analytics platform

EIT SmartRetail aims at bringing to market an innovative big data analytics service for customer-consumer retail organizations which enables strategic marketing and individual retailers to analyze their most crucial omnichannel data in a single dashboard. Such a service allows to flexibly optimize category management in response to the consumers’ behavior, at multiple scales in space and ensuring adaptability to market seasonality.

Such a solution enables individual retailers and strategic marketing to overcome the lack of data-driven decision capability and possible hurdles due to legacy software. This is also crucial for the development of the street smart environments that are the object of this activity.

As member of the EIT SmartRetail project, MPBA offers a new way to rapidly add advanced services for Point of Sales (POS) data analytics. Our solution enables to connect heterogeneous data sources of interest to impressive interactive dashboard components, thanks to our modular and API-based access to “data source middleware services”. Our asset is an adaptive backend interface with connectors to SQL, no-SQL, columnar DBs, HDFS, and others. Statistical functions, time series forecast methods and many more tools can be called via REST APIs by the core APIs. This middleware integrates a service task manager, for asynchronous and distributed queuing for analytics.

The solution designed by MPBA thus enables Category Management Profiling for POS data, Personalized reporting from POS data for strategic marketing strategy, and Actionable Graph Services for POS data.