I-REACT - European platform for risk management

About the Project:
I-REACT is an innovation project funded by the European Commission which aims to use social media, smartphones and wearables to improve natural disaster management: I-REACT will take into consideration reports created by citizens via a dedicated application for smartphones, data from social media (Instagram or Twitter), reports of civil protection operators, who will be equipped with wearable devices (glasses and bracelets) connected to the Web, and satellite observations from Copernicus EMS and the Sentinel satellites.

I-REACT will thus be able to produce information faster and to allow citizens, civil protection services and policimakers to effectively prevent and/or react against natural disasters.

At MPBA, we are responsible for developing risk prediction maps based on data coming from European satellite systems and weather service units on the territory, as well as from citizens. Once gathered, the data will be analysed by means of specific algorithms in order to assess the hazard level of a specific area, its vulnerability and the risks for population. Furthermore, it will be possible to monitor the at-risk areas and detect the first signs of imminent emergencies.

To this end, MPBA will combine the best international technical models with artificial intelligence solutions.

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